dhcpd configuration

Larry Lawrence llawre_ at excite.com
Mon Apr 22 06:15:50 PDT 2002

DJ Lucas wrote:

> I don't know what I was thinking nor why I thought you should change
> that.  One more question.. is it necessary to use killproc in the
> script?  Doesn't sendsignals take care of that for us anyway? Assuming
> the user does modify the kill scripts, then this will cause an error
> with multiple NICs using the same client.
> Thanks for all the help here,
> DJ Lucas
I think a lot of users believe the killing the dhcp client brings down the 
interface. I did not give it any thought until testing the scripts.  The 
test I ultimately used to finalize the scripts was to drop to runlevel 2 
from 3.  By LFS definition, the network must be down. There is no kill 
sendsignals in this level (it would be too destructive).  I believe I also 
found the ./network stop failed to clear the pid on dhcpcd.  Multiple dhcp 
NICS is an issue that I need to look at.

Moving K90network to K49network is my mailing list solution and will 
probably be a FAQ for eliminating the warning, my problem with putting it 
in the book is the question of how much warning.  For example, do we need 
to let them know that the next time they upgrade bootscripts, they will 
have two Kxxnetwork's. 

Glad you subscribed to the list.  Keep those comments and suggestions 

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