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Larry Lawrence llawre_ at excite.com
Sun Apr 21 20:54:39 PDT 2002

"DJ Lucas" <dj_me at swbell.net> wrote in message
news:000401c1e9a5$ae901b80$0100a8c0 at name2...
> Okay scripts in cvs look good except two details:
> 1.  Putting killproc in script is a bit redundant, plus it
> causes a
>     problem with multiple NICs.  I think, if I'm not mistaken,
> that
>     both dhclient and dhcpcd use the -k option to kill a
> specific
>     interface, so why don't we eliminate the ifconfig down
> device
>     line, and the killproc line and simply use $DHCP_PROG -k
>     Later in the shutdown process, sendsignals will force the
> client
>     daemon to shut itself down.

No -k on dhclient.

> 2.  The way the current scripts are set up, the network script
> is
>     called at K80 while sendsignals is at K50..which of course
> causes
>     an invalid failure (the card has actually been stoped as the
>     client is no longer running).
> I had originally suggested moving K80network to K45" but this only
> leaves us
> with 41-44 to work with for killing network dependent software.  It
> suggested that we could move all the scripts from K90-K50 downward by
> increments of 5 and then move K80 to K50 which gives us plenty of room
> to
> work with.  As far as the killing the program itself, I believe I've
> read
> that dhclient uses the -k option like dhcpcd, unfortunately I'm
> unfamiliar
> with dhclient and it's configuration and options.  I won't be
> later this evening!  Just my thoughts.
I've given up on this, to me, the warning message generated when
K90network runs should just be ignored.  Modifing LFS is a tricky
business, sometimes it has to be done, but this doesn't seem to be one
of those times.


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