XFree86 4.2

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sun Apr 21 20:20:17 PDT 2002

I just assigned bug 43 (XFree) to myself.  I do have a couple of style 
questions.  I got DRI working for my card (ATI Rage 128).  I propose to 
write up X without DRI and add a subsection about adding DRI.  The 
alternative would be to write a whole section on DRI, but I don't know 
where that should go and being right with XFree86 feels right to me.

A second matter has to do with modules.  I generally don't use modules, 
but prefer to compile them into the kernel.  However DRI has a module, 
in my case r128.o that needs to be added via insmod before X starts up. 
  I'm thinking the best way is to do that in a init script.  I don't 
think it ever needs to be unloaded. The script can be a one liner (OK 2) 
that does insmod and is loaded last as S99dri in rc{2-5}.d.

   -- Bruce

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