DHCPCD pages for blfs

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Fri Apr 19 17:15:47 PDT 2002

DJ Lucas wrote:
> Here ya?s go, my attempt to assist in the BLFS book.  I?m not currently 
> subscribed to the list, so please cc me if you like what you see.  I?ve 
> adapted my newest hint on dhcpcd for LFS 3.3 and extracted the info from 
> that file to the second method web page.  It?s just an idea, but if you 
> like the changes, let me know and I?ll go ahead and write the Method 1 
> and Method 3 pages.  Also, go ahead and submit or edit appropriately if 
> you do deciede you do like it, just don?t forget to make a dhcpcdm1.html 
> and dhcpcdm3.html blank pages for temporary so the links aren?t broken.  
> Oh one more thing?The pages were edited with, dare I say it, 
> FrontPageXP?I was at work, cut me some slack. ;-)

1.  I don't think you included anything.
2.  The submissions should be in xml.  Did you follow the instructions 
on the web page?
3.  Why don't you subscribe to the list?  This list does not really have 
a lot of traffic.  Alternatively, you can read/post via the newsgroup 
(which is what I do).

   -- Bruce

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