dhcp install

Matthew Schloepp irritated_skin at toughguy.net
Wed Apr 10 11:39:00 PDT 2002

Larry Lawrence wrote:
> Here are the install instructions.  I did not modify index or dhcp.xml in 
> chapter 6.  I used the structure of dhcp-conf.xml, but named it 
> dhcp_config.xml.  Feel free to modify as needed.
> Larry

> +<para>These instructions will convert the configuration files from LFS
> +(a static configuration) to a DHCP configuration. Throughout these
> +instructions, there is an assumpution of one INTERFACE named 'eth0'.
> +The first step is to remove the GATEWAY and GATEWAY_IF=eth0 variables from
> +<filename>/etc/sysconfig/network</filename> with the following commands:
> +<screen><userinput>cd /etc/sysconfig &&
> +<para>This instructions can be repeated for additional INTERFACE's using
> +DHCP by changing 'eth0' to 'eth1', etc.</para>

I just went through this and when I start up it says "Bringing up 
eth0.bak interface..." then a few lines down "eth0.bak: unknown 
interface: No such device"  After a few more lines down it repeats the 
'no such device' line.  Not sure if I did something wrong or if because 
I went solely of the XML code I missed some character but my question is 
, why is it calling up eth0.bak instead of eth0?

The next thing I was wondering is where do I look for the assumed 'eth0' 
device because I would have just linked it instead of asking my 
question.  And if I don't have 'eth0' how do I go about setting it up 
because I never remember creating one?  I'm guessing it is setup by 
itself or something of the like.

And sorry for posting this in blfs.dev and not blfs.support if it should 
have gone there.  I wasn't quite sure where to post it.

Thank you,

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