fcron 2.9.0

Larry Lawrence llawre_ at excite.com
Sun Apr 7 17:27:39 PDT 2002

"Mark Hymers" <markh at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote in message
news:20020408001300.D6239 at markcomp...
> -<para>The OpenSSH package contains <userinput>ssh</userinput>,
> -<userinput>sshd</userinput>, <userinput>ssh-agent</userinput>,
> -<userinput>ssh-add</userinput>, <userinput>sftp</userinput>,
> -<userinput>scp</userinput>, <userinput>ssh-keygen</userinput>,
> -<userinput>sftp-server</userinput> and
> +<para>The OpenSSH package contains <userinput>ssh, sshd, ssh-agent,
> +ssh-add, sftp, scp, ssh-keygen, sftp-server</userinput> and
> +<userinput>ssh-keyscan.</userinput></para>
>  </sect3>
> Is there any reason for changing this back?  I think I may have
> it myself when the openssh submission came in; it just seemed cleaner
> have only the program names be displayed in <userinput/> tags.
> Am I missing something obvious? (you know it does happen regularly)
> Mark

I changed it to become consistent with the other pages.  Since it was my
first, I thought that I had overkilled the tags and didn't even think
about you doing it.  So, I'll do this, I'm going to change all my pages
to match this one and on this one, I'm going to add the period (after


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