gcc 3.0.4

Mark Hymers markh at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Apr 7 17:09:44 PDT 2002

On Sat, 30, Mar, 2002 at 04:08:00PM -0600, Larry Lawrence spoke thus..
> Loaded gcc 3.0.4 as secondary compiler, set the CC and CXX and
> recompiled the following six programs on a LFS base where all programs
> were compiled with gcc 2.95-3 and no $CFLAGS.

That's interesting.

One of the jobs which we'll have to do (sorry) closer to release is
install some LFS/BLFS test systems.  By that point I *hope* the main LFS
book will be on gcc-3.1.x (if it's released and Gerard agrees that it's
a good move).  One of the criteria I have in my head for the BLFS-1.0
release is that it'll be buildable with the latest LFS release at the
time of the BLFS book launch.  This will most probably be something in
the LFS-4.x series I hope (possibly LFS-4.0 if I get my skates on).

This doesn't of course mean that we won't do official testing against
gcc-2.95.3; most people sitll use it but the main criteria will be
judged against which compiler LFS is using at the time.

Does this:
1) Make sense
2) Seem right

Opinions please


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