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Thu Apr 4 11:09:10 PST 2002

Larry Lawrence wrote:
> Mark Hymers wrote:
>>On Fri, 22, Mar, 2002 at 04:06:42PM -0600, Larry Lawrence spoke thus..
>>>Next step to KDE -
>>Which chapter should this go in?  Chapter 17 - Multimedia Libraries?
>>That's where it should go if other things use it; if it's KDE specific,
>>then it'll go in Chapter 13.  (Personally, I've never used it when
>>setting up KDE before; I'll make sure to try it when I do my KDE-3.0
>>final installation; I'm playing with 3.0-rc3 ATM)
> Chapter 17 makes more sense.  Just to add ogg to KDE 3 requires libogg, 
> libvorbis, and probably libao, but they are used by other programs.  Then 
> vorbis-tools goes to Chapter 18.  The one that just stumped me was curl, it 
> probably goer in 4.  Adding these to bugzilla this evening.
> Is anyone else having trouble with kdemultimedia sigsegv on noatun.  I could 
> swear that I just read something about ogg causing it, but I can't find it 
> again.
> Larry

I've been working on KDE and my initial reaction was that audiofile 
should just go in that section.  Does anything other than KDE use it?

BTW, many of the files that KDE *can* use are not required.  For 
instance I can get sound to work on my system without ALSA, although its 
recommended.  Also I'm not using ogg or vorbis yet.


   -- Bruce

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