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Thu Apr 4 00:10:50 PST 2002

On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 07:29:50PM -0600, Larry Lawrence wrote:

| I went back through the README files and INSTALL files for 1.1.5 and
| finally found a reference to in the postfix-install script.
| It is listed as an obsolete configuration file (it has been combined
| with  In your case, postfix-install IS extracting parameter
| settings from the  The instructions in BLFS are for new
| installs to a LFS base system, so I am assuming all parameter settings
| are as set in the of a fresh untar.
| Those can be found in the last 36 lines of a new, [it should be
| equivilent to your] and this will give you the defaults that
| a new install is presented which is what you asked for.
| You may want to post a specific question about what your trying to do on
|  There are a lot more people that watch that list that can
| assist you in doing a new compile using a from a working
| postfix installation.  You obviously ran into one gotcha with the change
| in group names, and they may know where others are.

Actually, I'm making it do a non-interactive install.  But the obvious
way, as documented, using "make upgrade", isn't quite right.  I guess
this package has changed enough in the last few months that it really
requires going back and treating it as a "first time experience", which
I did not do at first because installing this version on my Slackware
servers just worked perfectly.  That led to the conclusion there were
not significant changes; but apparently there are, and they were designed
to operate smoothly anyway for upgrades.  Since I am making everything
totally scripted.

I'm planning to move from Slackware to LFS built systems, and Postfix
will probably end up being a problem in the upgrade due to the change
in the group name involved.  For those building fresh new systems, it
would not be a problem.  For those migrating over to LFS from another
which was already running Postfix, it might be depending on how they
have managed and queued their mail.  I'm going to try setting up two
group names (postdrop and maildrop) with the same GID, and hopefully
that will make the transition smoother (then later, drop the old one).

You can see a snapshot of what I am doing here:

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