postfix and group postdrop

Larry Lawrence llawrence at
Tue Apr 2 06:31:55 PST 2002

Phil Howard wrote:

> According to BLFS-BOOK-CVS-2002-04-01.txt:
> groupadd postfix &&
> groupadd postdrop &&
> groupadd -g 65534 nogroup &&
> useradd -c postfix -d /dev/null -g postfix -s /bin/false postfix &&
> useradd -c nobody -d /home -g nogroup -s /bin/bash -u 65534 nobody &&
> chown postfix:postfix /var/mail
> However, Postfix wants the group to be called "maildrop".  When I
> did s/postdrop/maildrop/ it now installs OK (due to other issues
> in progress, I am not going to be testing that system for a few
> more days, at least).  Just thought I'd pass that tidbit along.

Looking at the RELEASE_NOTES file, there was a large change in the maildrop 
function on 1/6/2002, specifically no world-writable maildrop directory.  
Postfix now alwys uses the set-gid postdrop command for local mail 

Could you be more specific on your situation, were you upgrading?  What 
version were you installing?  Anything that would help me understand why 
this failed for you.


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