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Fri Oct 26 00:56:24 PDT 2001

Hi Mark,
hi everybody else,

Mark Hymers wrote:
> On Wed, 24, Oct, 2001 at 09:29:23PM +0200, Henning Rohde spoke thus..
> > >> Known errors:
> > >> "document type does not allow element "sect3" here"
> > >>
> > > I got it to build by removing the itemized list structure.
> > >
> > Yes, I know, but I want to keep using the <orderedlist>, at any costs
> > because I'd like to be able to refer to the definitions by (B)!
> >
> I'll try and find out.  I've left the list in as it generates correctly
> despite the warning... That's weird.  As I say I'll try and investigate
> the changes.
> Actually - on second thoughts, why don't we just make the titles
> A. Personal Firewall etc and remove the <orderedlist> tags.  Wouldn't it
> have the same effect?

If there is no way in using an <orderedlist>, I'll change it to that. But
because I'd like to use the facilities that docbook offers, mainly because of
self-educational reasons, I'd like to insist on <orderedlist> until someone can
explain it to me what I did wrong.

BTW: The reason why openjade issues that error is, that it's not allowed to do
an "&inclusion" inside a paragraph. But if I cut the wrapping <para>...</para>
inside <listitem>...</listitem>, I'll get the following error:
BLFS/chapter06/fw-appendix.xml:9:37:E: end tag for "listitem" which is not

Which error it's easier to accept until our final release? 

> OK - Here is a list of the changes I've made:
> 1) I've modified the <para></para> tags and line lengths as I mentioned
> before
> 2) I've added NOR THE LINUXFROMSCRATCH TEAM to the disclaimer in
> fw-disclaimer.xml to make sure ;-)
> 3) Modified the xml tags around the Compiling and Installing a new
> kernel section to be LFS-standard.
> 4) All entities have been changed to start ch06-fw- instead of just fw-.
> This just makes it easier for me to keep track of what belongs where ;-)

Thanks, I'll adopt them for further editing.

> > PS: Would you do me the please and re-consider my idea regarding a new,
> > general section.
> > I'm thinking about a section or chapter containing advices about "how to
> > configure the kernel if one needs a certain/given feature" -> I'd prefer to
> > have fw-kernel.xml put in there than in firewalling.xml.
> Ok.  I'll think about it.  Where should it go though?  Maybe as an
> appendix B - Compiling the Kernel..  That seems like a good idea
> actually.  Opinions please.

Thanks, I like your idea of putting it into an appendix, please name it
"Building a custom Kernel" because IMHO the main information is how to configure
the kernel - not to compile it.

We could give it its own chapter, if everyone agreed that these information were
truely that usefull, and, too, truely that necessary.
The requirement for this point of consense would IMHO be that every chapter had
its table of information regarding the compilation of the kernel - until that
status is reached, I'm happy with your idea of an appendix.

Thanks for your efforts,

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