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Thu Oct 25 03:46:49 PDT 2001

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Excuse me, if this is the wrong place (again), but I have done what I think 
is proper to the wvdial instructions.

I hope I have,

a) -- Followed the right policies
b) -- Edited the right files.
c) -- Included the right files
d) -- Submitted it to the right list.

If I have any of the above wrong let me know.

I edited the index.xml and apendixa.xml, openjade renders it and it looks 
okay.  Is this okay?  The editing was done on a CVS grabbed last night... 
(24/10/2001) or is that 2001-10-24 for the US?  

The size ENTITIES....

wvdial-size  ==  download size?  or install size?  Download is 101Kb, 
install is 1Mb.  Build (du . after compile ) == 5.8Mb

wvdial-version == 1.41 ???  I have version 1.42 .. any reason for this?

Hope all is okay.  Scream if I have done something wrong.  I can't expect 
to get it perfect first time, can I?

And yes, Vim for editing.  Only, can someone spin me round three times,  
take off my blindfold, and send me in roughly the right direction to some 
XML utilities?  Checkers, parses, tree editors, GUI editors.  Just editing 
it in Vim or running it through openjade is boring, asides nALFS this is 
all I know how to do with XML so far, and I know it can be so much more.

All the utils / editors and decent things seem to be prop. software and 
have irritating licenses, or the free ones don't compile.  :(

If wvdial is okay, I'll checkout fetchmail, unless it's grabbed first.

Paul Campbell
Frankly I can't be arsed.
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