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Wed Oct 24 12:29:23 PDT 2001

Hi Mark,

Mark Hymers wrote:
> On Mon, 22, Oct, 2001 at 11:55:24PM +0200, Henning Rohde spoke thus..
>> Further work needs to be done on a better layout for the synopsis, the
>> kernel-options and on the link-collection.

OK, I've improved the layout of synopsis and kernel-options, please have a 
look at the attachment, it applies incrementially upon my last patch.
The work on the structure of the link-collection is still waiting, but 
IMHO that's nothing of any urgency!

>> Known errors:
>> "document type does not allow element "sect3" here"
>> occurs after using an orderedlist in both fw-writing.xml and
>> fw-appendix.xml for structuring the sub-chapters.
> I got it to build by removing the itemized list structure.  

Yes, I know, but I want to keep using the <orderedlist>, at any costs 
because I'd like to be able to refer to the definitions by (B)!
Is it impossible to include those sub-section into an ordered list, or is 
it some bug in the current implementation of docbook?

Both  <orderedlist> and <itemizedlist> do not list a inclusion to be a 
'DO_NOT', would you do me the please and do further researches on this, I'm 
still not that foolish to dare to mail any docbook-developers.

> Shall I put the beta in the book for now so we can get more feedback on
> it? 

Yes, you may do so, but please apply the attached patch before 

> I've also tidied up the XML to the LFS "House-style".. I'm going to write 
> document on that soon.. basically, it's that we stick to 80-column lines
> and instead of:
> ...

I've chosen to use an incremential patch to reduce the work you would 
have needed to tidy-up a totally new patch.

> <para>
> text
> </para>
> we do
> <para>text</para>

I'll try to change my habits as soon as I've seen my changes in cvs!    ;-)

> This is because openjade is borken and inserts horrible characters if
> you do the first one...  (try viewing the LFS FAQ in links and you'll
> see what I mean!).

Sorry, I'm not used to use links, I've tested my works with opera, mozilla 
and lynx, and none made me astonish.

> So Henning, do you want me to commit the beta to CVS so that it is in
> the book?

Yeah, let's put in into cvs, I'll be in the look-out for any flames.    ;-)

>> PS: I nearly did cut the Synopsis, should I?
> IMO - Yeah - I don't think it's necessary.

OK, please have a look at the new layout, and if you still think it to be 
pointless, remove the synopsis on your own.

> Other than that I have to say *great*.  It's a really good section.. Now
> I just have to get around to writing something that big... ;-)

Thank you very much, but I really had to do it because of the big noise I 
made regarding "Let's start"!   ;-)
The BIG work was already done before: the hint that I wrote with much help 
from Jeff Bauman.

Hmm, please, do not underestimate your own work, you've written the 
structure, the framework, without your work my text would be a hint in XML, 
nothing more.
Only because of your work everything is going to make a book, for this we 
owe you honour!

Have a nice day,


PS: Would you do me the please and re-consider my idea regarding a new, 
general section.
I'm thinking about a section or chapter containing advices about "how to 
configure the kernel if one needs a certain/given feature" -> I'd prefer to 
have fw-kernel.xml put in there than in firewalling.xml.

"Ein Patriot ist einer, der sein Vaterland liebt. Ein Nationalist ist einer,
der die Vaterländer der anderen verachtet" (Johannes Rau)
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