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Wed Oct 24 08:37:17 PDT 2001

On Mon, 22, Oct, 2001 at 11:55:24PM +0200, Henning Rohde spoke thus..
> Hello, to all my friend, out there,
> after having made such a big noise I finally decided to do some work myself.
> Here it is, the latest, ehmm, the first BETA of the firewalling-chapter!
> It's almost a straight translation from the hint, but, except for the 
> kernel-configuration, the structure should be final.
> Further work needs to be done on a better layout for the synopsis, the 
> kernel-options and on the link-collection.
> Known errors: 
> "document type does not allow element "sect3" here"
> occurs after using an orderedlist in both fw-writing.xml and 
> fw-appendix.xml for structuring the sub-chapters.

> Any comments or critics are highly apprechiated,
I got it to build by removing the itemized list structure.  Shall I put
the beta in the book for now so we can get more feedback on it?  I've
also tidied up the XML to the LFS "House-style".. I'm going to write a
document on that soon.. basically, it's that we stick to 80-column lines
and instead of:


we do

This is because openjade is borken and inserts horrible characters if
you do the first one...  (try viewing the LFS FAQ in links and you'll
see what I mean!).

So Henning, do you want me to commit the beta to CVS so that it is in
the book?

> PS: I nearly did cut the Synopsis, should I?
IMO - Yeah - I don't think it's necessary.

Other than that I have to say *great*.  It's a really good section.. Now
I just have to get around to writing something that big... ;-)


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