Locations of texts relevant for firewalling [was Re: Changes to Appendix A/iptables]

Henning Rohde rohde.henning at gmx.net
Sun Oct 21 11:16:12 PDT 2001

Hi Mark, 
hi everybody else,

Mark Hymers wrote:
> On Thu, 18, Oct, 2001 at 06:17:11PM +0200, Henning Rohde spoke thus..
>> OK, let's start to change that!
>> Who is willing to contribute?
> /me raises my hand

OK, very good! Now that we are ready to start writing the book I'd like to 
ask you, being the project-leader, to ask my question again, for especially 
also in blfs.support, to collect the volunteers and to distribute the work.

If we really want the BLFS-book to get written, we shouldn't wait for the 
moment that some individual is speaking-up "here I am, how can I help".
IMHO, asking for help is the most promising way to get some!

To lower the steps of starting we should at first put the information that 
is currently in BLFS/INSTALL and README onto our webpage, the title may be 
"Wanna Contribute?", with the additional information of how to dowload the 

>> So do I, but getting feedback by doing support is important, that's the
>> reason why I'm currently wasting time in blfs.support.
> I don't call hanging around in blfs-support "wasting time" ;-)

Yes, a joke, I'd like to call it 'wasting time' because I would have 
prefered to spend it on transferring the hint...
BTW, the help I gave was mostly a "Did you read my hint?" -> "NO!" -> 
"Please read it!".
I got the impression that nearly nobody who's asking a question in 
blfs.support did ever take the efforts to look into the hints / the 
BLFS-book, if he ever knew them.

>> No, please stick with a simple list: I do doubt it will be quite
>> difficult to XREF into a table!
> OK.. There is now a new page in Chapter 1 with an enhanced Credits page.
> Have a look and tell me if that's better...  If not, I'll try changing
> it again!

Thank you very much, I like that piece of good work!

Maybe we could transfer the "General Acknowledgments" of 
BLFS/chapter01/credits.xml into the corresponding packages or chapters that 
cover exactly that topic, but that's not the case that demanded any 

Another idea of mine: we could XREF from the "Text Authors" to the 
corresponding chapters / texts. 

>> But, what kind of license does this mean?
>> Althoug hI'm studying law I have never taken any glance into the FSF's
>> texts, but IIRC there is a license dealing with documentation.
>> I may need some time to get familiar with English law, you must know that
>> German law is quite a bit different, but I'm going to take a look into
>> it.
> Alright.  The current rules are that all LFS related stuff is under the
> BSD license (according to what I remember anyways).  We *can* change
> that (especially at the moment as all the authors are still around).
> I'd like to get people to assign copyright to linuxfromscratch.org and
> then license under the BSD license (I must check with Gerard if that'll
> work) .  Would everyone be happy with that?

Hmm, at least in German law it's impossible to donate a copyright to a 
website, only human beings or organizations are capable of holding a right.

As I've written in some previous posting I am willing to donate any 
copyright to the LFS-community, that would be, at least in German law, an 
accepted holder for this right; and so be it for any text I'll write for 
this project.

IIRC the BSD-style license in BLFS/bookinfo/legalnotice.xml states that 
anyone is allowed to copy or use our texts for his own business, as long as 
he adds some annotation of credit or acknowledgement, doesn't it?
So be it, I'm feeling well with this license. 

Having said that I'd like to remind everybody to pay attention 
that we give credit where we re-use any texts!

Although there seems never to be any money in my purse, 
this is another charge of 2 cents from me,      ;-)


"Ein Patriot ist einer, der sein Vaterland liebt. Ein Nationalist ist einer,
der die Vaterländer der anderen verachtet" (Johannes Rau)
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