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Thu Oct 18 20:27:20 PDT 2001

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 06:06:08PM +0200, Henning Rohde wrote:
> Although I know that I chose in my firewalling-hint to give the advice to 
> install iptables into /usr, I was recently convinced to change it to 
> /usr/local!     Funny, isn't it?
> The reason that made me convert was, that now I'm able to export /usr/local 
> via nfs to some 20 clients: they're based a common basis-install, any 
> applications are only installed once on the fileserver.
> This concept is at easiest realizable if we stick with putting anything 
> after LFS into /usr/local, if not /opt.

Hi Henning, 

Wie gehts?

I think we have several people, myself included, who think installing in
/usr will make our lives easier. Some of the benefits are that it
keeps the instructions shorter, and you never have think about whether
it's in /usr or /usr/local.

Of course, there's nothing stopping anyone who wants to from installing 
any software anywhere they like. My guess is most of us don't have 20
nfs clients that they want to export BLFS packages to. I think it makes 
sense to write the instructions in such a way that they make the most 
sense for the most people.

That said, it may make sense to include some mention that installing any
packages in /usr/local that you might like to export via NFS might make
your life easier.

Jeff Bauman
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