BLFS Paths

Henning Rohde hr at
Thu Oct 18 09:06:08 PDT 2001

Hi Mark, 
hi everybody else,

Mark Hymers wrote:
> There has been some discussion recently about using /usr for everything
> except stuff with a buggerred up install procedure which will go in
> /opt.  I think I've been converted to that view recently.  If nobody
> objects, I'm going to convert all existing instructions to do this.
> I'll give you all a few days to respond with objections to this but if I
> hear nothing, I'll assume nobody minds ;-)

hmm, tell me, what did you make you convert?

At least those posts that I've read didn't deal with this topic at all!

Although I know that I chose in my firewalling-hint to give the advice to 
install iptables into /usr, I was recently convinced to change it to 
/usr/local!     Funny, isn't it?

The reason that made me convert was, that now I'm able to export /usr/local 
via nfs to some 20 clients: they're based a common basis-install, any 
applications are only installed once on the fileserver.
This concept is at easiest realizable if we stick with putting anything 
after LFS into /usr/local, if not /opt.

These are my EUR 0.02, sorry for having been late...

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