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Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Thu Oct 18 08:27:16 PDT 2001

> > i've been reading through blfs a few times now lately and i
> > mentioned to
> > you earlier that i'm willing to participate in making it a better
> > beyond. However I do have a few questions/ remarks, I
> > frequently notice that for some programs the only that's being
> > given is a status of what it does, and what you should type to
> > install it. Personally (in my own opinion!) i think it would be
> > more helpfull if instead we would explain in general how a package
> > is being installed, where one can install it (physical location),
> > what one should do with the other directories that come with a
> > package (e.g. headers, as for example most end programs that
> > you compile contain headers that you don't actually need
> > unless you want to build on top of that package again). [...]

Additions like this could only be a good thing.  Just looking at the
long, somewhat confusing list of possible arguments to the Samba
./configure program and it's convoluted dir structure confirms that.
And how about a good Apache install?  The more a read about apache the
more I find that it can do.  Simple hints are good for getting a first
timer off the ground, but in depth discusion with examples are best for
truly understanding a software package.  The latter is the style of most
O'Reily books I've read IMHO.



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