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Hi all, recieved this message recently regarding BLFS.  Just thought it
might spark off some discussion


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> Hi markh,
> i've been reading through blfs a few times now lately and i mentioned to 
> you earlier that i'm willing to participate in making it a better 
> beyond. However I do have a few questions/ remarks, I frequently notice
> that for some programs the only that's being given is a status of what 
> it does, and what you should type to install it. Personally (in my own 
> opinion!) i think it would be more helpfull if instead we would explain 
> in general how a package is being installed, where one can install it 
> (physical location), what one should do with the other directories that 
> come with a package (e.g. headers, as for example most end programs that 
> you compile contain headers that you don't actually need unless you want 
> to build on top of that package again). So.. what makes a program .. a 
> program, apart from that i think it's also helpfull if it's being 
> explained how a program is being configured before we type 'make'. e.g.
> what to do with programs that don't have a ./configure --help .
> If we can explain this a normal user, then the gain is so much more then 
> when we simply tell him to type "./configure --blah" with an estimated 
> build time of x and a short package description. Ofcourse for some 
> packages there will always be exceptions because some programs need 
> special attention.
> I got some more things I think is usefull for a blfs'er to know, e.g. he 
> just build a box with alot of shared libs, what does that mean when he 
> e.g. needs to upgrade a certain library. what does a 'shared' library 
> actually mean. that sortof stuff. there is some more, but i think this 
> is enough for 1 email already.
> regards,
> Eric

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