Locations of texts relevant for firewalling [was Re: Changes to Appendix A/iptables]

Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 10 09:16:48 PDT 2001

> Hmm, please tell me, what's the status of the BLFS-Book?
> (beyond the packages)
> Who did actually line-out / write what, and who is actually working on
> what, again beside the packages?
> If I take a look at the messages that came in via blfs.dev (Newsgroup
> _and_ Mailinglist) I get the impression that the BLFS-project got
> reduced to the support-facility of blfs.support.
> Appearently nobody showed any interest in my issue about the acks, nor
> about Copyright, nor is there any noticable traffic concerning
> beyond the packages.
> So I do ask: Is there any interest in the book, especially in writing

I'm still willing to contribute, but like in all open source projects,
it's when I find the time. I'm also a student, you know. :) One
suggestion to speed thing up is to make some decisions on which packages
to include. There have been floating some wishlists on the ml, but a
proper discussion on which packages will definitely go in 1.0 is IMO
necessary so we'll have some clear goals on what we want. Also, we
should settle on a proper format. One thing I really don't like in the
current format is that all instructions are actually in the appendixes!

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