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#4598: cogl-1.16.2
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Comment (by Krejzi):

 OpenGL version string: 2.1

 This says that OpenGL version supported by vmwgfx (svga3d) is 2.1, but for
 GL3 tests to pass you need at least (doh) OpenGL 3.0 - should be obvious.

 As for ssh, you can achieve very different results from running tests from
 SSH. Especially for apps that use D-Bus, X11 apps (with or without
 forwarding) and as you have seen, GL apps.

 For basic apps such as LFS, most of the apps that don't use any of the
 mentioned above tests should do fine, but still may produce some
 unexpected results.

 Also, the tests are not just a waste of users' time, but a waste of
 developers' time too. I've seen you struggle to get some testsuite working
 and for the time it took you to do that you could've done more useful
 work. For apps that few tests failed in the past, I was happy to report
 that few tests fail (or not mention them at all) or for apps that lot of
 tests fail I simply pointed out that test suite wasn't working at all.

 Furthermore, desktop apps' test suites are horrible and require lot of
 stuff working together - OpenGL (some only) X11 and properly registered
 D-Bus session - with ConsoleKit, system dbus-daemon and such.

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