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#4550: Perl Module Glib-1.304
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Comment (by pierre.labastie):

 Replying to [comment:3 fo]:
 > Thanks, Pierre.
 > Actually, it is in the book, under Glib-1.280, the dependency you
 referred to:
 > {{{
 >     Glib-1.280 (MD5 sum: 1d81a8aec5f7f1182a96cfaaf119d866)
 >         ExtUtils::PkgConfig
 >             ExtUtils::Depends
 > }}}

 Should have looked at it.

 > Perhaps, after waiting a couple of days, if you do not mind, may I ask
 you to do it? (You know I am dumb about dependencies.)

 So am I. And actually, I think it is delicate: Having the above in Perl
 Modules allows to mention only one dependency in xfconf. Otherwise, you
 need to put 3 deps, and to specify that one is dependent of the others...
 Furthermore, I do not know what the xfconf Perl bindings are useful for.

 What if we completely suppress that dep?

 > I am missing your edits and we have a lot to be done.  :-)

 Thanks! I feel bad to be unable to do more, but it is very busy here (and
 Bruce likes to give me some jhalfs homework for the week-end ;-)

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