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#4550: Perl Module Glib-1.304
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Comment (by pierre.labastie):

 I saw that there was a new version, but did not check whether it was
 needed or not.
 Actually, there are Perl Bindings for xfconf, but they are built only if
 three Perl modules are found. From configure --enable-perl-bindings:
 *** Required perl modules not found to build perl bindings.  Requirements
 ***     ExtUtils::Depends    0.300
 ***     ExtUtils::PkgConfig  1.000
 ***     Glib                 1.020
 *** Please install the required dependencies and run 'configure' again.

 So if the Glib module is mentionned, the two others should be too. OTOH,
 only Glib is in the book.

 Consequently: +1 for archiving, and maybe changing the xfconf deps.

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