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#4524: New package: ssh-askpass
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Comment (by fo):

 There are many packages with this name. No one is named like that by the
 author. Debian uses the name for x11-ssh-askpass, last version is,
 from 2001-Sep-17. Arch has openssh-askpass 2.0.0-2 to provide x11-ssh-
 askpass, a program based on qt4, also depending on cmake and openssh. Arch
 also ships x11-ssh-askpass-

 The package I am considering in this ticket is what is named by Debian
 ssh-askpass-gnome-6.4p1. It is distributed in the openssh tarball and the
 c-file dates from 2009, which I believe was the reason for choosing it

 Although x11-ssh-askpass- uses only xorg-libs (libxt) and the one I
 am considering depends also on gtk+2 (and glib, but in BLFS, gtk+2 has it
 in the dependency chain).

 Considering all above, my plan is to call the package ssh-askpass-6.4p1,
 keeping the version convention as in Debian (same as OpenSSH), but
 withdrawing the gnome from the name, which could make "non-gnome" users
 possibly avoid it even before checking the dependencies. Also, I know the
 name I use is recognized by all packages involved.

 The installation instructions I use are very different from debian. I
 would like to keep them as I use, because have no doubt it works.

 I will wait until tomorrow, before starting to edit the page. Perhaps
 tomorrow or the day after, I would, then, commit.

 With this, I hope, any objection can be made before, or in the days
 following the inclusion of the page in the book, so it could be easily
 reverted, hopefully avoiding future problems.

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