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#4454: Gparted from a menu: "ssh-askpass" and "pkexec"
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Comment (by fo):

 Description from duplicate ticket #4520:
 "Gparted-0.17.0 contains instructions that should belong to other package"

 First of all, it isn't clear to me why does GParted page contain
 instructions for building a software from OpenSSH source?

 Second, these instructions belong to the OpenSSH page, with deps and
 explanations on why they are necessary or what not.

 Furthermore, gparted_polkit script uses "which", but the package isn't
 listed as a dependency or even mentioned at all.

 First, perhaps.

 Second: no. It is a completely different package.

 Third: clearly invalid.

 So, what to do?

 First: either remove completely, or create a new package ssh-askpass. Or
 understand the instructions as, eg, the ones for GLU, in MESA, or some
 "docs" that need download, perhaps configure, but needs make and make
 install, after the real package is installed. Anyway, this already takes
 care of "second".

 Third: if some modification can be done is a question of preference:
 remove completely, or s/which/type/ (thanks Bruce) and rename the
 configuration file. And simplify the script, although the way it is is
 more robust.

 I will not reply to any comment by the rude man.

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