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#4520: Gparted-0.17.0 contains instructions that should belong to other package
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Comment (by Krejzi):

 So it is indeed a desktop issue (panel or whatever). Keep the script. But
 I'd rather suggest to simplify it. There is no need to check if pkexec
 binary is there, since if user  decided to use pkexec, then it should be
 definitely there. If it's not there, but it is mentioned that it needs to
 be there, he needs to be laughed at, seriously :P

 Also, you shouldn't fallback to anything in that case, because it will
 still fail silently if pkexec is not found, compared to "no such file or
 directory" message. These are just my two cents. As for the mail-link, as
 I said I don't pay attention to most things anymore.

 This script should be enough, because your instruction assure that there
 should be a polkit agent running:


 pkexec /usr/sbin/gparted $@

 Finally, it seems to be a practice for naming .actions files like this:
 reverse.domain.dbus-service-name(or package-name).optional-subservice-


 The good naming scheme for gparted file might be org.gnome.gparted.policy
 as gparted seems to claim it is "Partition Manager for GNOME". Just a
 suggestion, it isn't really important.

 The original suggestion still stands.

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