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#4520: Gparted-0.17.0 contains instructions that should belong to other package
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Comment (by fo):

 Replying to [comment:2 Krejzi]:
 > I've now seen which, sorry for the noise about that. I do agree that you
 could use "type -p pkexec", but there isn't any need for that since you
 can just use a simple sed to modify gparted .desktop file to use pkexec.
 The script isn't necessary at all. Polkit configuration file. however, is.
 > I propose the following:
 > Move build instructions for ssh-askpass to OpenSSH page where it

 Then gparted could link directly to that part.

 > Add optional configuration to Sudo page to utilize ssh-askpass if it's
 > Add a note to gparted that links that sudo package should be configured
 for ssh-askpass


 > Also, I find the note "Any graphical program requiring root privileges
 can be run using "pkexec <program>"" to be incorrect.

 Incomplete. Just have to add with a configuration file. Intention was to
 get both alternatives in the same level so the user chooses.

 > pkexec won't run any GUI app by default unless you create a
 configuration file which explicitly tells pkexec "this app should be run
 as root but it's gui app."

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