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#4511: Wrong packages category
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Comment (by Krejzi):

 Randy mentioned that SBC-1.1 is also in wrong category. It should be in
 "Multimedia Libraries" section. I agree with him, it is indeed a
 multimedia library.

 Note that kdepim requries Grantlee, but it's also optional for kdelibs.

 As for hicolor-icon-theme, it belongs in the same category as iso-codes.
 They both install some data files in /usr/share, nothing else. That said,
 iso-codes is also in wrong category. But since the latter isn't related to
 image, the "Graphica and Font Libraries" section might not be the right
 one. My initial thought was to put it in the same category as icon-naming-
 utils, namely "General Utilities" since it seems to be a runtime
 dependency. But it's up to you.

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