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#4669: Qt: unify install instructions
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Comment (by fo):

 I worked a lot to unify the instructions for each Qt, as I did for LO. I
 have everything ready since about one week. But to not start a fight
 exactly when we were needing more energy, I delayed. Wrong move,. The
 fight is always there ready to claim everything and much more for its

 From the talks in dev, I feel that I am risking to only get a shameful
 override, here.

 Thus, giving this back to the book, too.

 And trying from now on to get back to the low-profile that was how I
 started here. I only changed that because during some period, the book's
 maintenance was at risk. Now, it seems it is not the case, anymore.

 Therefore, I am back to the packages that few people want to do.

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