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#4669: Qt: unify install instructions
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Comment (by Krejzi):

 I'll just comment on Qt5 since I refuse to look at Qt4 for reasons. But if
 I recall correctly, Qt4 desktop files are suffixed with -qt4, and Qt5
 desktop files are suffixed with -qt5. Same goes for icons in

 So for Qt5 you always have


 assistant-qt5.desktop executes assistant-qt5 executable, which is
 symlinked in /usr/bin in both cases (see latest instructions and xml

 Same should go for Qt4

 There should be


 and should execute assistant-qt4 which is (or was) symlinked in /usr/bin
 in case when Qt4 is installed in /usr. I don't know about method 2.

 I have spent lot of time getting two to play along just nice without any
 conflicts, and I find it hard to believe that I missed some detail.

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