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#4699: fcron-3.1.2: cannot use the switch --with-dsssl-dir=.../dsssl-
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Comment (by fo):

 As I already told you in dev, I did not have that installed:

 Seg Fev 17 19:11:50 BRT 2014 fcron-3.1.2

 First package with doc in the name:

 Seg Fev 17 19:30:22 BRT 2014 docbook-xml-4.5 /home/fernando/sshfs/blfs

 In LFS-7.4 was the same problem:

 Qua Ago 21 21:25:46 BRT 2013 fcron-3.1.2

 Qui Ago 22 14:06:45 BRT 2013 docbook-xml-4.5 /home/fernando/sshfs/blfs

 I will revert the question: I have a real problem and it does not build.

 You have just a warning? Then between a problem and a warning, the problem
 wins, right?

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