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#4690: git-1.9.0
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 Git v1.9.0 Release Notes

 Backward compatibility notes

 "git submodule foreach $cmd $args" used to treat "$cmd $args" the same
 way "ssh" did, concatenating them into a single string and letting the
 shell unquote. Careless users who forget to sufficiently quote $args
 get their argument split at $IFS whitespaces by the shell, and got
 unexpected results due to this. Starting from this release, the
 command line is passed directly to the shell, if it has an argument.

 Read-only support for experimental loose-object format, in which users
 could optionally choose to write their loose objects for a short
 while between v1.4.3 and v1.5.3 era, has been dropped.

 The meanings of the "--tags" option to "git fetch" has changed; the
 command fetches tags _in addition to_ what is fetched by the same
 command line without the option.

 The way "git push $there $what" interprets the $what part given on the
 command line, when it does not have a colon that explicitly tells us
 what ref at the $there repository is to be updated, has been enhanced.

 A handful of ancient commands that have long been deprecated are
 finally gone (repo-config, tar-tree, lost-found, and peek-remote).

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