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#4686: Git-
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 Git v1.8.5.5 Release Notes

 Fixes since v1.8.5.4

  * The pathspec matching code, while comparing two trees (e.g. "git
    diff A B -- path1 path2") was too aggressive and failed to match
    some paths when multiple pathspecs were involved.

  * "git repack --max-pack-size=8g" stopped being parsed correctly when
    the command was reimplemented in C.

  * A recent update to "git send-email" broke platforms where
    /etc/ssl/certs/ directory exists but cannot be used as SSL_ca_path
    (e.g. Fedora rawhide).

  * A handful of bugs around interpreting $branch@{upstream} notation
    and its lookalike, when $branch part has interesting characters,
    e.g. "@", and ":", have been fixed.

  * "git clone" would fail to clone from a repository that has a ref
    directly under "refs/", e.g. "refs/stash", because different
    validation paths do different things on such a refname.  Loosen the
    client side's validation to allow such a ref.

  * "git log --left-right A...B" lost the "leftness" of commits
    reachable from A when A is a tag as a side effect of a recent
    bugfix.  This is a regression in 1.8.4.x series.

  * "git merge-base --octopus" used to leave cleaning up suboptimal
    result to the caller, but now it does the clean-up itself.

  * "git mv A B/", when B does not exist as a directory, should error
    out, but it didn't.

 Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code clean-ups.

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