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#4635: bind-9.9.5
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 I've looked at this for some time and have narrowed down the problem
 somewhat.  In the setup of the inline tests, the following is happening
 (with minor edits):

 cd /tmp/bind/bind-9.9.5/bin/tests/system/inline/ns3/
 /tmp/bind/bind-9.9.5/bin/named/named -m record,size,mctx -T clienttest -c
 named.conf -d 99 -g -U 4 >named.run 2>&1

 If I skip the actual tests, then the shutdown send a TERM signal to the
 above, but it does not terminate and has to be killed.  The process has a
 procedure that waits for up to 60 seconds and then issues an ABRT signal
 and fails the test.  There are other problems, but I think this is
 symptomatic of those too.

 There are parallel procedures for ns{1,2,4,5,6} and they work fine.

 I'm going to take a look at an earlier version to see if the same problem
 exists.  I also will bring this up on the bind mailing list if I can't
 resolve it.

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