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#4647: Texlive build instructions are incorect
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Comment (by gregnietsky):

 Hi i use 2.10 with CFG_FAULT=fault-linux-i386.h" as a option passed to
 configure and installed to /usr.

 Clisp is built with "--srcdir=../ --with-libsigsegv-prefix=/usr" in a
 build dir in the root i found that the build tree is "poluted" and indeed
 the "configure" script is not standard autoconf.

 the motivation for the "static" clisp build is similar to -enable-static-
 lib(gcc|stdc) options in that the runtime does not need to be shiped to
 the end user personally i disagree with doing this.

 im not a fan of static builds at all that said they have there place but
 almost always are abused some of the worst offenders are propriatary
 vendors trying to "support" FOSS.

 TUG releases static builds for a "live" up and get going and kudos to them
 for releasing the source to build your own sure its a tangled mess but in
 context with almost 4Gb taken by tex this is a big chunk of the entire
 build bloated as hell over time. perhaps we need to see tex as a distro in
 a distro and not just a package almost a ecosystem of its own.

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