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#4647: Texlive build instructions are incorect
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Comment (by gregnietsky):

 Indeed this is complicated by the installer changing on a "daily" basis
 the text needs to read "will change" not "may change" see comments from
 tug bellow.

 the tlmngr script will update the system possibly called from cron or via
 the GUI [pl/TK script and a further dependancy (cpan -i Tk).

 the source is updated less often and rebuilt it seems less frequently
 looking at the file dates for the arch files the archive.

 seems like its well maintained perhaps a if you update the archive check
 for and reinstall the source.

 as tex is modular and mature i see it as updating any other package as the
 installed files are from the latest source. the other option is to not
 install the support files only the built bins this could have problems too
 in that the files on the system may be working with a slightly patched
 version of code and fail. i personally like to install like with like or
 push the changes as a patch and then build it. i think both scenarios are
 valid and at the builders descression if you want to just use it install
 and leave the LFS "users" are genrally more advanced and are not looking
 for ubuntu/redhat and want to DIY it.

 this is a mail i got on the tldistro list...looking at the page
 It looks sensible enough to me.  Do you have a special reason to enable
 mktextex by default?  Just wondering.

 BTW, the install-tl-* directory name certainly does change whenever we
 remake it (i.e., daily), not just "may" change.

 ive left mktextex option off and it builds fine
   --enable-mktextex-default   run mktextex if TeX source missing
 its in the book currently and does not make sense indeed.

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