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#4565: MIT Kerberos V5 1.12
 Reporter:  Krejzi       |       Owner:  pierre.labastie
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  assigned
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Comment (by pierre.labastie):

 Replying to [comment:4 fo]:
 > I think that if the tests take too much time and become
 counterproductive, better is to place a "make -k" and, eventually, some
 comments. The most important objective is the package, not the tests?

 You are right Fernando, but in this case, what I have found is scarry:
 tests of the db2 database seem to fail. Since, as far as I understand (I
 plan to check that with upstream), this is the default database if  ldap
 is not installed, and Kerberos may be used in sensitive environments, I
 cannot keep that under the carpet. OTOH, maybe the tests are not relevant
 or wrong. I want to check first whether those tests are better with former
 versions, and to check with upstream that their failure is harmlesse.
 Otherwise, I think the package should be removed from the book, or at
 least that the user be informed.

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