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#4667: PulseAudio 4.99.3
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 While this is a pre-release version, 5.0 can be expected soon. It's rather
 an important release, since it's the first one that brings BlueZ 5.x
 support. PulseAudio is currently the last package preventing BlueZ 5.x
 upgrade. GNOME Bluetooth, GNOME User Share, KDE's BlueDevil (none in the
 book, but can easily be installed if mentioned desktops are being
 targeted), NetworkManager can already use BlueZ 5.x out of the box with
 their latest versions. obex-data-server and Gvfs will need to use BlueZ
 4.x compatibility library, but it seems to work as opposed to PulseAudio.

 My proposed changes are in the attachment. Feel free to modify.

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