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#4647: Texlive build instructions are incorect
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Comment (by gregnietsky):

 Good point that the Optionals are already in the list for texlive as
 "orphans" of these depends GD has the only benifit been added to the book
 as its is a optional dependancy to glibc required to build memusagestat
 and graphviz (not listed currently in book as dependancy).

 if you leave out graphite from texlive you need to leave out harfbuzz
 these are to render complex fonts and may be worth a mention for those in
 the north east corner of the world building graphite is straightforward
 with cmake (may require -DLIB_SUFFIX=64 to put libs into /lib64) and then
 harfbuzz is built adding --with-graphite2. id sugest a note on the
 harfbuzz page that for these fonts graphite can be installed
 (libreoffice/mozilla are consumers).

 the others you listed are indeed only benificial to texlive.clisp is the
 problem child it depends on libsigsegv and optional/recomended libffcall
 (not libffi) this is a orphan with CVS only download on GNU savannah.

 for the average builder this adds too much complexity with no functional
 gain and marginal overall gain on resources saved in using self built vs
 vendor supplied binaries (+/- 600k for i686 looking at size of .a files).

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