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#4647: Texlive build instructions are incorect
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Comment (by gregnietsky):

 FYI ive tested with cross compiling from x86_64 -> {i686,arm} and it works
 you cannot cross compile xindy. however i have a complex build enviroment
 that quite frankly is completely bodged.

 The great thing with this is you can cp a working XXX arch /opt/texlive to
 YYY arch rebuild and you have a working version saving a 2Gb download
 (remember to mv /opt/texlive/bin/XXX-linux to /opt/texlive/YYY-linux
 before installing).

 as a ARM linux user [Google Chromebook] i build on a intel (i7 3770)
 almost a complete arm distribution there somethings i cant build properly
 even icedtea with a bit of persuasion can be built. the trick is using a
 "hybrid" build root where it has glibc/zlib/gcc/make/bash/.... all from
 the native system and makes use of qemu/binutils_misc so when i chroot
 /build/arm uname -a [arm bin reports arm7l gcc -v will reveal its a x86_64
 binary targeting arm. this allows me to build much faster than on a native
 arm CPU and use the threads of the native system. in this case there was
 no need to chroot and build if there any programs executed during build
 they would succeed under qemu.

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