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#4647: Texlive build instructions are incorect
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Comment (by gregnietsky):

 ''I guess it will be worth adding the --with-system- options, but mostly
 as *options* (different markup from the required/recommended commands),
 because it can be built without them. For zlib, it is part of LFS so we
 ought to use the system version by default.''

 The source of all these dependancies is included and will be built and
 linked statically and will not be used "optionally" this is a downside and
 has a precident in ghostscript where it bundles everything. so no they not
 optional but allow saving space/resources in normal operation, this is
 only if --enable-shared is used as by default it will link statically
 against system libs too.

 ''In my (slightly old) local copy of the book, xwindows is marked as
 optional. I guess that might be required for some of these options to be
 useful ? I s'pose I can try to check that part, if I can find the space to
 try to build tex - I don't normally install all these possible deps.''

 Indeed --without-x is a valid option and there are X libs linked in
 looking at ldd * if these are not built they wont replace the tug provided

 ''Why would a builder want to install xindy ? I'm looking for more
 elaboration of what it enables the installed tex to do''.

 Its a index creator for latex further than that i know it is supplied by
 tug but not built without enableing it at configure time. the optional
 requirements in the book refer to CLISP this is the only module that
 requires it.Once again not building it will leave the tug build in place.

 ''Similarly, any explanations for the additional / base options, please,
 or do we have to google for them

 Google is so yesterday duckduckgo is the new black ...
 I call them base options as they already described and outlined in the
 i have pasted the --help bits here for completeness

                           do not build for the TeX Live binary
   --enable-mktextex-default   run mktextex if TeX source missing
   --with-banner-add=STR   add STR to version string appended to banner

 ''In the same vein, why do you think it is worth building asymptote ?

 As noted above if its not built its not replaced a static tug supplied
 binary will remain intact this is upto the builder.

 "the options are crafted to merge this build into the tl tree with make
 install as with the core source above."

 Basically you start off with a tug install in a directory building from
 source replaces the tug binaries they cant be put into _prefix/bin as they
 reference ../../texmf-dist the layout of tug is not LFS so use of the
 layout options is to on make install replace the files already there
 transparently not requiring extra steps currently in the book.

 ''Do you,

  perhaps, intend that asymptote should be separately configured after, or
 before, the main configure, and if so will the main "make; make install"
 also deal with asymptote - or does it also need those commands to be run
 in its directory ?
 one option is to open a chapter for it this im not in favor of as it will
 require refering to this chapter and using the source again or downloading
 it as a standalone off sourceforge.

 if required cd to the dir run new configure / make / install something
 along the lines if you call now you will get a ......

 ''    Finally, any _simple_ "idot's guide to using tex" references to give
 something that an editing monkey can use to see that the installed tex
 works, please ?''

 I use it to generate doxygen pdf's and it does real good job at it. a
 quick test will be to grab flex source build it then remove docs/flex.pdf
 and build again it should build the pdf. latex is used if detected in a
 supprising amount of packages and if present when a book build begins will
 give more valuable /usr/share/docs.

 Running the tex installer as per the book is required it pulls 1.6G-2G of
 tarballs and installs them the majority of this is fonts followed by docs
 on my pc 3.5G was dumped into the hdd.

 at this point setting PATH will have you up and running on the tug
 binarires for the masochists who want 100% LFS and no 3d party binaries or
 those who are heavy users and 300 static bins is using more than it should
 the source build is the solution.

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