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#4647: Texlive build instructions are incorect
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Comment (by ken@…):

 I suspect that many (or even all) of the editors do not have experience
 with using tex. I remember that on the one occasion _I_ looked at it
 before, I found its build system impenetrable and I had no understanding
 of how to use it. This looks a useful list of things, but I have some
 questions and comments:

 1. I guess it will be worth adding the --with-system- options, but mostly
 as *options* (different markup from the required/recommended commands),
 because it can be built without them.  For zlib, it is part of LFS so we
 ought to use the system version by default.

 2. In my (slightly old) local copy of the book, xwindows is marked as
 optional.  I guess that might be required for some of these options to be
 useful ?  I s'pose I can try to check that part, if I can find the space
 to try to build tex - I don't normally install all these possible deps.

 3. Why would a builder want to install xindy ?  I'm looking for more
 elaboration of what it enables the installed tex to do.

 [ no comments on the configure options, at least until I try them! ]

 4. Similarly, any explanations for the additional / base options, please,
 or do we have to google for them ?

 5. In the same vein, why do you think it is worth building asymptote ?
 Also, I don't understand your sentence:

 the options are crafted to merge this build into the tl tree with make
 install as with the core source above.

 Do you, perhaps, intend that asymptote should be separately configured
 after, or before, the main configure, and if so will the main "make; make
 install" also deal with asymptote - or does it also need those commands to
 be run in its directory ?

 6. Finally, any _simple_ "idot's guide to using tex" references to give
 something that an editing monkey can use to see that the installed tex
 works, please ?

 I guess this is something I could look at for one of my current 7.4
 systems, but I really know nothing at all about tex (except that people,
 mainly academics, use it for formatting posh text) so I need some further
 guidance if I'm going to spend time on this. Thanks.

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