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#4647: Texlive build instructions are incorect
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 The texlive chapter needs some love WRT building from source and requires
 building asymptote seperately
 either in tree or standalone.

 i would suggest that the --enable-shared option become recommended as
 opposed to optional besides building the
 binaries from source "cause you can and its cool" recompiling static bins
 using shared libs that are common shared libs
 is a nice thing to do in most cases when building by default it links
 against libraries statically.

 1)The "optional" components are not used unless --with-system-XXXX is
 specified when calling configure.

   --with-system-harfbuzz (Must be built with graphite2)

 a gottcha with this is that when configure runs the first lib it cant find
 will cause it to fail checking any further so check the output of

 the default behaviour is ALWAYS to build internal libs when building

 2)CLISP is only required for building xindy this is not built by default
 and requires adding the following options

 3)Some "effort" can be saved setting the following _prefix is recomended
 as /opt/texlive however the installer will install to /opt/texlive/2013
 use of /opt/texlive/2013 needs to specified as prefix if this is where the
 "binary" live version is installed.

   --prefix=_prefix (depends on install tl install)
   --datarootdir=_prefix (not share to ensure compat with tl)
   --bindir=_prefix/bin/<ARCH-DIR as per tl>

 setting these options allows a "Clean" install over the existing tl
 distribution replacing the files or running find/replace scripts.
 likewise use of --includedir --libdir puts the shared libs in the system
 dir's on install.

 4)Additional options i used

 the following "base" options --disable-native-texlive-build (for building
 shared)  --enable-mktextex-default and    --with-banner-add (suggested for
 3d party builds) complete the "options"


 In the utils directory there is a dir for asymptote it needs to be
 configured and built independantly of texlive

 ./configure --prefix=_prefix --enable-texlive-build --enable-gc=system
 --datarootdir=_prefix/texmf-dist \
   --infodir=_prefix/texmf-dist/doc/info --mandir=_prefix/texmf-

 use of --enable-gc=system is only to be used if gc is built with c++
 support otherwise it will build a suitable gc in tree

 the options are crafted to merge this build into the tl tree with make
 install as with the core source above.

 a note could be added that a ls -lt _prefix/bin/<ARCH> will show any files
 not replaced at the bottom and should only contain some pre installed

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