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#4977: D-Bus-1.8.0: messagebus group and user already exist
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Comment (by ken@…):

 Personally, I hope that the eudev hint will get updated when we approach
 the next LFS release - to show that e.g. dbus is not *required* for udev
 (although it will probably be wanted in a desktop, and many people will
 want to rebuild eudev once the deps for gudev are in place).

 Also, current BLFS theoretically supports all versions of LFS >= 7.0 (
 versions before that need earlier bootscripts, someone reported an rpc
 problem on 7.4 last week ), and no LFS releases currently have any of the
 packages recently added to LFS-svn.  So definitely some "conditional"
 rewording will be needed.

 But LFS-svn at the moment is for experienced builders, and enthusiasts.
 There has been a lot of change - people using jhalfs will not care, but
 everyone else using their own scripts is in for some fun.  I expect that
 both these categories will know enough to either spot the problems in
 advance, or to know how to fix them.  In particular, I expect people to
 remember which packages they had to add to LFS!

 This ticket is useful - maybe we should change the title to something
 along the lines of "BLFS changes required for LFS-sysv-systemd" and use it
 as a catch-all place to note what needs attention ?

 At the moment I'm still trying to absorb the systemd changes in LFS - my
 own scripts now build a working LFS with eudev and _current_ LFS
 bootscripts, and I'm fairly confident that the systemv-on-systemd build
 will work when I test it.  But I'm not yet confident about what I need to
 add so that I can successfully convert it to boot systemd (keyboard, font,
 dhcp), let alone how to convert my own private bootscripts (fix cpufreq,
 run a smartd check at boot), nor the changes to ensure that the various
 daemons will be started by systemd (e.g. postfix, nfs   That will probably
 take me the rest of this month, maybe a bit longer depending how hard it
 is to convert my own initscripts to work with systemd.  After that I
 intend to build the parts of BLFS which I use on my normal desktops, so
 I'll hopefully be able to fix _some_ of the issues.

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