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#4977: D-Bus-1.8.0: messagebus group and user already exist
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Comment (by stoat):

 Okay. Fair enough. All of this belongs to you, and I am just a user of it.
 But I'm not on the Systemd train with you and the other devs. It would
 have been my preference that LFS remain with SysVinit only and that
 Systemd LFS remain a separate book maintained by those interested in it.
 Systemd never "fixed" anything for me. In fact, it gave me new problems
 and ruined Fedora for me. That was when I stopped years of thinking about
 LFS and starting building it. Now, I believe, it is about ruin BLFS for
 me, too. Anyway, because of what I have learned from LFS and you and the
 others over the last few years, I think I can sort of go my on way and
 carry on. That is, at least until everything requires Systemd. My
 apologies for even reporting this issue. I will stop doing such things.

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