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#4979: gnutls-3.3.1
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 * Version 3.3.1 (released 2014-04-19)

 ** libgnutls: Enforce more strict checks to heartbeat messages
 concerning padding and payload. Suggested by Peter Dettman.

 ** libgnutls: Allow decoding PKCS #8 files with ECC parameters
 from openssl.

 ** libgnutls: Several small bug fixes found by coverity.

 ** libgnutls: The conditionally available self-test functions
 were moved to self-test.h.

 ** libgnutls: Fixed issue with the check of incoming data when two
 different recv and send pointers have been specified. Reported and
 investigated by JMRecio.

 ** libgnutls: Fixed issue in the RSA-PSK key exchange, which would
 result to illegal memory access if a server hint was provided. Reported
 by André Klitzing.

 ** libgnutls: Fixed client memory leak in the PSK key exchange, if a
 server hint was provided.

 ** libgnutls: Corrected the *get_*_othername_oid() functions.

 ** API and ABI modifications:
 No changes since last version.

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