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#4961: clutter-1.18.2
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 Clutter 1.18.2

   тАв List of changes since Clutter 1.18.0

     - Fix the list of dependencies
     Clutter 1.18 depends on Cogl 1.17.5 when building the EGL/KMS backend.

     - Fixes for the Visual Studio build files
     Use the new symbol visibility annotations when building with MSVC.

     - Fix event handling on Windows
     An optimization led to a crash on the Windows backend when delivering
     events without an associated ClutterStage.

     - Ensure that set_child_above/below work on the Stage
     ClutterStage should respect the paint order when using the Actor API.

     - Skip conformance test suite on X11 when DISPLAY is unset
     Instead of bailing out when initializing the test suite we should just
     tell the test suite API to skip the units. This allows the TAP driver
     to catch the skipped tests and avoid warnings.

     - Translation updates
     Danish, French, Indonesian, Greek.

   тАв List of bugs fixed since Clutter 1.18.0

     #728177 - Cannot collect coverage with lcov 1.10
     #727020 - wayland: Add missing CLUTTER_AVAILABLE annotations
     #711645 - clutter_actor_set_child_above_sibling() not working in
     #726762 - Fix Import of Clutter Version Constants
     #726703 - build error: undefined reference to


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