[blfs-book] Udev-extras BLFS SVN 2014-04-11 no rule to make target gudev

Danny Winkler cryptoniks at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 22:28:07 PDT 2014

Subject: udev-extras install issues

Good evening everybody.

I wanted to request some assistance and clarification in regards to the 
above mentioned package.

Following the LFS-SVN installed systemd to play nice with sysvinit. The 
version used was 212. which passing udevadm --version confirms.

This issue seems to be when trying to extract the extras like gudev keymap(I 
know its built in)

Per the BLFS SVN instructions I "attempted" to locate a udev-lfs-212.tar.bz2 
to match the systemd-212 installed in LFS-SVN(which had me use the  for the 
initial rules.) However the the LFS ftp's highest version is udev-lfs-208-

Figuring it would be ok to use the udev-lfs-20140408.tar.bz2 I unpacked into 
the systemd source:

   tar -xv ../udev-lfs-20140408.tar.bz2

Then I start to hit walls see the SVN udev files has like the net rules etc. 
However it did not have the makefiles needed to extract the extras

I then did some searching found a bunch of raging holy wars about systemd 
and sysvinit etc but oddly not much about this issue.

This leads me to think that perhaps my understanding of this install eludes 
me thus before we move on this is my install method (basically whats been 
provided in the SVN)

systemd has been reinstalled post LFS Per the supplied commands except for 
one change which is to remove --disable-gudev from the ./configure

following the LFS-SVN it builds installs generates the netrules etc.

Then we go on to BLFS SVN

First I unpack systemd-212.tar.bz2

Again unable to find a udev-lfs-212 and the udev-lfs-20140408.tar.bz2 
doesn't seem to have the required make files, I decided to try the highest 
available udev-lfs-208-3 at the time of this post

I then unpack the udev-lfs-208-3 into the systemd source

I then attempt to follow the udev-extras instruction set.

Things that happen: I am assuming my major issue is a package miss match eg 
running systemd-212 but no udev-lfs-212 to extract gudev from systemd 

The SVN udev-lfs-20140408 will successfully run the first command:
  make -f udev-lfs-20140408/Makefile.lfs install

However the Makefiles needed for gudev extraction are not present (in this 

The udev-lfs-208-3 (closest i could find for systemd 212) will NOT run any 
commands successfully

I wont paste output here because I really think its my lack of understanding 
on this part of the build. By necessity I haven't followed the command set 
because I cant find a corresponding package only older or make -f udev-lfs-
20140408/Makefile.lfs install packages.

So before we dig into this deeper can somebody post their successful build 
commands for udev-extras on BLFS-SVN-20140408. I feel i am totally missing 

The primary goal is getting gudev extracted 


Issue extracting gudev from systemd source.

Host: LFS-SVN-20140408
32 bit x86
no CFLAGS or CXXFLAGS defined

Dependencies installed:


Files used:

systemd-212 (per lfs svn)
udev-lfs-???.tar.xz (books says get udev-lfs-212 ((matched to version 
reported by udevadm --version))

Again I appreciate any help on this matter.


P.S I am still pretty dripping wet behind the ears when it comes to linux so 
be bear with me. Thank you for your patience.

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