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#4862: GNOME 3.12.0
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Comment (by pierre.labastie):

 Replying to [comment:8 wblaszcz]:
 > I have an issue building gucharmap-3.12.0
 > {{{
 > VAPIGEN gucharmap-2.90.vapi
 > Gucharmap-2.90.gir:1424.7-1424.33: error: The type name `Atk.TableCell'
 could not be found
 > /usr/share/vala/Makefile.vapigen:61: recipe for target
 'gucharmap-2.90.vapi' failed
 > }}}

 ISTR that I had an analogous issue, because I had built g-i to late in the
 process. I wonder if this could be something similar (like vala built
 before g-i, or so).

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