[blfs-book] BLFS 7.4 has broken links to SVN

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 19:46:30 PDT 2013

Roger Koehler wrote:
> I am trying to install Firefox-23.0.1 per BLFS 7.4
> and I am running into difficulty because the patches
> point to the SVN directory which has already moved
> to Firefox 24.  There is not a directory for BLFS
> 7.4.  I think this is due to many moons of SVN
> development, and this is just the way it has been
> done.  But since there is a stable release now, I
> think there should be a 7.4 folder with the files
> that the released version relies upon.

You are right about the location issue in the book, but you can find the 
patches at


   -- Bruce

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